California Flame Claro Walnut Top # 103103D2 Grade 5

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Gorgeous Flame Claro Walnut Drop Top is 15.5”x 22” and is 0.287” thick

This is a RARE piece that rivals master grade figure. Walnut with 3D figure like this is hard to come by. The picture is the actual piece, no stock photos  

Doesn’t the guitar you are building deserve the best? The MGW Claro Walnut line of tops will make sure your beautiful guitar steals the show! Our state of the art book matches, loving care and sustainable harvesting of these amazing trees makes sure we bring you the best tops on the planet!

The raw wood is sourced directly out of northern California.  This wood is kiln  dried to around 6% and is cut, sliced, and sanded by us…in our very capable shop.  The secret to a great book match is to remove as little material as possible.  After all billets are jointed flat and thicknessed…we joint both edges.  Then we use our 30 HP horizontal resaw bandsaw to accurately slice the billets with a blade which is only .038” thick.  This allows us to sand the book matched tops smooth in our Timesavers surfacing wide belt sander while removing no more than an additional .010”.  This process allows for the best book matched tops possible.


We don’t waste our natural resources.  We offer all the slices we are able to get out of this natural wood slabs.  Some are killer tops…some have defects or cracks that need to be filled.  But all contain the natural beauty that make for excellence instruments.  We grade and price the wood based upon our own scale in order to provide simple informational system.  Grade 1 will require a good amount of repair or has a minimum amount of figure/color variation.  Grade 5 is super crazy grain with no required epoxy fills (except for some Burl tops).  The pictures you see is what you get.  None of the pictures have any enhancements to color or removal of the flaws.  Every listing show the exact specs of the width, length, and thickness. 


Treated for maximum stability.  We treat both the air dried and kiln dried tops with a wood stabilization product.  This product does not change the way you can sand, dye,  or finish the tops.  It provides increased stability and provides a cellular level of conditioning.  Tops are shipped wrapped together with spacers in-between the two pieces for air circulation.  We recommend that allow at least a few weeks for the wood to acclimate to your area...and leave them wrapped until you are ready to use on your guitar.


We use what we sell.  We have secured such an abundance of wood…that it would take many years to use it all on our guitars.  We will use some of the tops…but we will make most of the tops available to the public through our direct sales channels.  Our hope is that you will enjoy the natural beauty of this wood as much as we do.


The Maximum Guitar Works wood grading matrix.


Figure and/or Color variation


Condition and Quality

Grade 1

little figure and/or color variation


major repair or filling

Grade 2

some figure and/or color variation


some repair or filling

Grade 3

good figure and/or color variation


little repair or filling

Grade 4

excellent figure and/or color variation


no fill required (except for Burls)

Grade 5

extreme figure and/or color variation


no fill required (except for Burls)

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Flamed walnut. Grade 5

Beautiful piece of wood, just like all the other tops from MGW, it's gonna make an awesome guitar.