About Us

Maximum Guitar Works was founded in 2016 by visionary Steve McElhenny.

Steve McElhenny is a lifelong woodworker, 30+ year veteran military pilot, 20-year guitar player and tinkerer. The passion for musical instruments combined with his life skills and experience led Steve into the world of professional lutherie. What sets Maximum Guitar Works apart from other builders is Steve’s commitment to artfully produce the instrument of the clients’ dreams and to create an unrivaled playing experience.

Each fully custom guitar includes one-on-one consultation to allow the guitar to "start with excellence" and finish with your dream guitar! 

Steve’s years of military experience has developed an attention to detail that is evident in each instrument created.

This attention to detail is used to transform great instruments into absolute works of art! It is this kind of practical detail that will impress your friends and fans. More importantly, this attention to detail is not only cosmetic. It involves every aspect of the build process, finish, and the setup. Every instrument will not only embody the aesthetics of your vision, it will also play like a dream.

Maximum Guitar Works is dedicated to excellence  We use the very best woods, materials, and parts available.  We have created many of our own parts and tools when needed.