MGW SOS All Natural Hard Oil & Wax Finish System

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Introducing Mad Scientist Hard Oil & Wax Finishing System!

 We needed a natural, safe, voc free finish for our jigs, radius blocks and such. We couldn’t find one that met our expectations. So we made it. Our line of SOS all natural wood finish is for guitar necks, bodies and any other wood surface that requires a natural, safe, easy to apply, hand rubbed finish. Our proprietary blend of natural oils from, nut and trees combined properly with natural waxes will penetrate and stabilize in one easy to apply coat.

SOS #7- One Step Hard Oil & Wax Finish. SOS all-natural wood finish is not only perfect for your woodworking jigs and fixtures, but is also a great thin finish for guitar necks, and many other wood and leather items.

SOS #8- All Natural Wax Free Penetration/Stabilization Hard Oil. The Wax-Free Penetrating and Stabilizing Oil finish is an ultra thin wood protectant commonly used as a penetrating seal coat. You can use multiple coasts as needed

SOS #9- All Natural Fretboard Cleaner Conditioner & Lubricant. It contains a high percentage of real 100% lemon oil along with other all-natural ingredients to treat your fretboard like royalty. Your all natural fingers will thank you!


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Roynell Woodard
Finally Got it in.

Haven't used it yet... But I will

Awesome system for neck finish

It was a nice change of pace from spraying, and provides a great alternative that I can apply inside, and everyone loved the citrus smell. As for the necks, the look and feel of this finish is incredible. Flame maple looked fantastic! Great product! Thanks

Mark Payne
Outstanding oil and wax finishes

The products are well made and made the wood really beautiful. I will be buying more when I run out.

Richard Carpenter
The best friendly people I know Mike and Steve are awesome people

Mike and Steve are super busy and very smart and they are the nicest people don't turn your back on something good, number one school maximum guitars always and forever

gene vaccarello
Awesome products

great products for guitar finishing but more importsantly they performed exactly as described. thanks Steve. also, for any guitar builder with any degree of vision challenge, templates from MGW will end all the swearing. Precision!