Truss Rod & Carbon Fiber Channel Routing Template Set

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Truss Rod & Carbon Fiber Routing Template Set- Maximum Guitar Works Safe Precision Routing

This is truly one of the best and easiest way to rout for your carbon fiber and truss rods. It is as close to a “manual CNC”  system ever devised…and all you need is a 5/8” bushing guide and a hand held router. Made of 3/8” acrylic.

Another creative addition to the Maximum Guitar Works Tools and Jigs Series.  Our templates are painstakingly engineered to provide the most accuracy available.  The templates are made with the best materials available to give you a tool to last for many years.  


Templates are all made to order...please allow about 7 days to ship.

Custom requests are available, contact us for more information.


Features include: 

Precision specifications
High quality 3/8" cast acrylic


Complete YouTube video series on the proper use and template maintenance is available BELOW...


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
David Hubbell
Start with excellence

Amazing templates as always - Thanks Steve!

Scotty Huffman
The best templates out there

All of the templates I have gotten from MGW are just the best and very thought out.There is nothing else this good out there.

clinton callaway
Great product!

These templates are amazing love them. The Router bushing is too snug for the template and too deep. However, only slight mods help the issues. Also the tape on the acrylic is impossible to remove.. just a few critiques but I’m so thankful these are available and they moved my neck skills to next level. Thanks Maximum!!! Great company I will be ordering more very soon!!

Eric Hoffman
Truss Rod & Carbon Fiber Channel Set

Good templates but for the price there are two issues to be aware of. The routing channel on these call for a 5/8" outer diameter bushing. I've tried 3 different brand bushing guides (which were all accurate per my calipers) and the channel is too snug for a smooth moving router along the channel. This has the potential to be dangerous. The other major issue is the templates are .36" thick and too thin when placed directly on top of a neck (the whole point to the alignment pin system as far as I under stand it) because most all router bushing guides are taller than .36". The point here is the template requires a shim between the template and the router base or the bushing guide prevents the router base from sitting flush on the template. I mean these aren't deal breakers but things to be aware of. Makes them feel like not a finish product but a jumping off point to A: sand out the channels until the guide is smooth and B: to shim up the template so there's a flush surface. OR I guess one could grind down the bushing guide and leave it be as a dedicated tool for these templates. YMMV.

Scott Weisenborn
Makes things a lot easier.

As per normal another great template from maximum guitar works.