Truss Rod & Carbon Fiber Channel Set- 24.75, 25, 25.5, 34” Scale

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Truss Rod & Carbon Fiber Routing Template Set- Maximum Guitar Works Safe Precision Routing

This is truly one of the best and easiest way to rout for your carbon fiber and truss rods. It is as close to a “manual CNC”  system ever devised…and all you need is a 5/8” bushing guide and a hand held router. Made of 3/8” acrylic.

Another creative addition to the Maximum Guitar Works Tools and Jigs Series.  Our templates are painstakingly engineered to provide the most accuracy available.  The templates are made with the best materials available to give you a tool to last for many years.  


Templates are all made to order...please allow about 7 days to ship.

Custom requests are available, contact us for more information.


Features include: 

Precision specifications
High quality 3/8" cast acrylic


Complete YouTube video series on the proper use and template maintenance is available BELOW...


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Brooks Harper
No fuss truss rod channel

Just finished using it tonight for the first time and my results were perfect! Well worth it! Thanks Steve!

Joseph Dunford

These are the best templates out there that I have come across.

Christopher Hall
Another Fantastic Tool From MGW

As with all the other tools, jigs, and templates I have purchased from MGW the Truss Rod and Carbon Fiber Channel Set is a fantastic tool. It was a clever move to make the one template do the left and right side carbon fiber rod slots, just flip it over! Simple! I also like how, because of the use of a guide bushing, I can easily use truss rods of different sizes. I'm not locked into one size as it is with other templates. The acrylic is extra thick feels like it will hold up to years of use. Another fantastic tool Steve!! Keep em' coming!

Kristopher Beavers

These are great and work perfectly with all the templates

Robert Crouch
Truss Rod & Carbon Fiber Channel Set- 24.75, 25, 25.5, 34” Scale?

It is a great product from what I can gather. My bushings are a bit too snug for the channel but I think it is something I can adjust to fit with sandpaper. Thank you!