The Plek is a combination of a high-resolution scanner and an ultra-precise CNC robot. It scans the fretboard and strings of your instrument while they are tuned to pitch, providing a highly detailed view of the instrument's condition and what improvements can be made for optimal playability. By examining instruments under real playing conditions (strung and tuned to pitch), the data assists skilled technicians to produce the smallest of improvements with accuracy and consistency previously not obtainable.

The MGW team has completed thousands of fret level, crown, and polish operations. We made a considerable investment in Plek technology for several reasons; including reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries to our employees, ensuring consistent production, and upholding our mantra to "Start With Excellence".  With an accuracy of a thousandths of a millimeter (.00004”), the PLEK consistently outperforms any other method we've tried.


PLEK = Precise Fret Removal

The Plek process offers a significant advantage in that it conserves as much of the fret material as possible, maintaining them at their optimal height, and providing the perfect amount of relief and fall-away on the upper frets to enhance playability. This technique allows for exceptionally low action while maintaining clear tone quality.


Information about the guitar is input in order to produce a history of the guitar that can be used in the future to data that can be used to maintain the guitar based upon owners’ preferences.

Plek Setup Screen 1.PNG__PID:f2c15f39-62f0-42f6-9e42-401aa70d89f0

Each Plek service provides for the actions required for optimum user defined string action, which considers string size, scale, nut height, and more.

Plek String Graph Sample.PNG__PID:acedf632-bbad-479a-b5ee-9a933919dc5e

First, the Plek scan is conducted to determine the overall condition of the neck and provides the information needed to correctly and accurately adjust the truss rod.

A "Virtual Fret Dress” is conducted, enabling our tech to accurately create a Plek procedure to resolve issues with playability, and customize it to the player's unique style.

Plek Virtual Fret Dress Sample.PNG__PID:5e1afb4e-c537-4cd1-9a07-cad810f07624
Plek Setup Screen 2.PNG__PID:901fbaf2-c15f-4962-b012-f69e42401aa7

With the additional guitar nut service (optional), the string spacing is optimized for comfort and playing preferences to yield perfection in feel and optics.

We tailor each fret dress to the set action, considering string size, scale, nut height, and more. The frets are fine-tuned for each string, as thicker strings need more relief while thinner strings need less.

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Plek Action Setup Sample.PNG__PID:10921e73-626a-4c9d-9020-cf0fa439bed8

The scanning process provides detailed Information about the string action to allow the final setup to be completed with excellence.

Nut and Saddle information is used to determine other setup adjustments that may be required to provide an optimized playing experience.

Plek Nut and Saddle Setup.PNG__PID:1e73626a-1c9d-4020-8f0f-a439bed8f3e4