Fit-All 25.5”-Paddle Headstock Neck Template

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This is the All-Fit, 25.5” scale, paddle headstock, bolt neck template.

Our most requested template sets are here! The Maximum Guitar Works Fit-All Precision Auto Align Templates! These templates are designed for use with any body type. Because of our exclusive, custom made, hardened steel, last a lifetime drill bushings, they can be removed, replaced or changed for a different Fit-All template, as many times as needed with perfect alignment every time.  

IMAGINE: Drop your template on the top, rout your neck pocket, pickup cavities and mark all your drill holes. Effortlessly and precisely move it to the back for your string through holes! No more crooked holes!

The easiest way (not the only way of course) to use these we have found is to put the template on your uncut body blank. Drill your alignment pin holes, making sure to use whichever pin behind the bridge is off the body. Do all your routing and drilling, then cut you perimeter. When finished it’s all sanding and paint from here on out!

NOTE: The alignment pins are not in the same spots as our full guitar templates in order to accommodate any shape you can imagine.

 Our templates are painstakingly engineered to provide the most accuracy available.  The templates are made with the best materials available to give you a tool to last for many years.  


Templates are all made to order...please check the from page for current lead times.

We welcome custom request!!!

Look out for an upcoming video for tithe Fit-All system. In the meantime, enjoy the complete YouTube video series on the proper use and template maintenance BELOW...


Customer Reviews

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Peter D
Unbeatable Concept & Great Customer Service

These Fit-All templates are amazing and perfect for the novice and also professional guitar builder. I had a minor query about the template I had received, Steve didn’t hesitate and replaced it immediately. Maximum Guitar Works customer service is second to none. Thanks!

Eric Christensen
Fretboard and Paddle Style Neck Template

Outstanding quality, excellent value and quite frankly excellent service. Steve went the extra miles with these templates shipped to the Northwest Territories in Canada. (The US equivalent of Alaska). Highly recommend these templates! Just buy them. You will like them, a lot!

Only the Best from Maximum Guitar Works

The absolute best service and support from any template and luthier supplier. Excellence from start to finish! Thanks Steve!

Fretboard template

Excellent template spot on going to help improve my builds!! 👍