EZ Fret Level and Fretboard Radius System

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Two precision jobs made EZ with our new Fret Level and Fretboard Radius System. We have developed this system to take the stress and sweat out of the 2 processes that can make or break a guitar neck: Getting a dead flat radius and making sure your frets are level.

1) Secure your neck by placing it in our Accurate Hold Down JigThis genius rig keeps the block running in line with your fretboard and locks your neck down in perfect alignment.

2) Use the included Power Block with the radius of your choice, either powered or manually, with a straight line sander as shown in the video below to bring your fretboard to perfection.

After you have put your frets in, checked your neck for straightness and you are ready to level them:

1)Mark the top of all your fret with a sharpie and secure it in the Accurate Hold Down Jig.

2) Put 220g, PSA sandpaper on the radius block you used for your fret board. 

3) Level your frets by moving your block in short strokes back and forth with minimal pressure letting the sandpaper do the work until the all frets have been kissed. The hold down jig will keep everything aligned for perfectly level frets ready for crowning. 


Accurate Hold Down JigThis genius rig keeps the block running in line with your fretboard and locks your neck down. Perfect radius and level fret every time.
This is a special 20” solid rock hard maple fretboard radius block in the radii of your choice-

  • 20" beam with mount points for Straight Line Sander
  • Custom radius available upon request for no additional cost
  • 2.780" width perfect fit for standard stick-on sandpaper rolls
  • Finished with a premier hard oil finish

All of our radius blocks are made to order. Please check the home page for current lead times. Additional custom options may be available upon request.



Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mark Payne
Another great jig and purchase from the Masters

Fret board radius jig works like a champ. Keep the good stuff coming!

Christopher Hall
A High Quality Tool!!

I am super impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of this tool. It has nice details that set Maximum Guitars products apart from other suppliers, such as making all edges rounded over so it is comfortable to handle. The design of this tool is fantastic. The blank is held tightly and evenly by the clamp and the black synthetic rails are perfectly spaced to minimize side to side movement. The radius sanding block is also of the highest quality. I feel like this tool will last many years with proper care. I am using the system manually and it will take a little elbow grease, but well worth the effort. I am super happy with this purchase.

Judi Sofka
I love this product!!!!

I’ve been woodworking for years now, but I’m new to guitar building. I’ve watched all of Steve’s videos and am now building my first guitar. I don’t know how I would have made the neck without this amazing Fretboard Radius System. I tried doing the work without it and really struggled to keep my path straight. Once Steve’s system arrived, it made the job a snap. I literally finished radiusing my fretboard in less than five minutes. This product lets a newbie guitar builder have professional looking results with no struggle or hassle. I love every one of the Maximum Guitar Works products I’ve gotten so far. I’m looking forward to trying out more of them. They are by far the best jigs and products I’ve found on the market. Thank you Steve for sharing your genius with the rest of us.

Incredible results

I have been getting some great results with Steve’s system. The hold down jig is a game changer, and the radius blocks are quite affordable. I consider this a serious upgrade from my old blocks, and when combined with the air sander it’s an absolute blast to use. I think this tool can benefit new and experienced builders alike.

benjamin hopper
Amazing tool

I love it! It takes so much time away from normally laborious jobs, I cannot recommend it enough