MGW Fretboard Side Dot Drilling System

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MGW  Fretboard Side Dot Drilling System 

Let’s be real, drilling the side dot markers in your fretboard is a tedious task. Not anymore! The MGW Fretboard Side Dot Drilling System makes simple work this process. Lock your neck into the jig, set you markers according to the scale and fret count, prepare your drill bit and drill your marker holes. Simple and easy, not at all what you’re used too. Each scale length acrylic template had drill bushings for 2mm, 3mm and 3/32 size markers. 

JUST ADDED!: Super Bad Texas Toast Edition! The Super Bad TTG Edition is our standard side dot template with an extra 1” added to the width to accommodate thicker neck blanks up to 1.75”. Texas Toast Guitars uses a thicker neck blank for their set neck guitars.  Since we build to order we easily modified our standard template to accommodate them. If your standard neck blank is 1.5” thick or more, these are for you. If your standard necks are “F”-style, we recommend using our standard size. If you only do thick blanks once in a while, drill your fretboard prior to glueing it on. You will be much happier!

Customer Reviews

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The Gold Standard

Maximum Guitars Works templates are the gold standard for building a proper guitar.

Christopher Hall
Couldn't Be Easier to Use

All the products I have purchased from MGW are of the highest quality and well thought out. The Side Dot Drilling System is no exception. What makes Steve's stuff so great is how easy it is to use. Once again he has lazer etched the instructions right on the tool! It just couldn't be easier to use.

Jeff McDonald

I've done four necks with this. As with all MGW products, its well made, well engineered and works. You really can't wreck your side dot alignment using it.

Paul McNary
MGW Fretboard Side Dot Drilling System

Steve never disappoints with his wonderful products and advice and the MGW Fretboard Side Dot Drilling System is no exception. First used at Texas Toast and had to get one.

Erick Babcock

Great Quality Product