Skinny “T” Thinline Style-MGW Acrylic Template System

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MGW Acrylic Skinny “T” Templates - Safe Precision Routing


These are not just your average guitar making templates.  This is a Patent Pending template system that was designed to be durable, precise, and safer than other templates.  In fact, these are a totally new system.  These templates use alignment pins to ensure the exact placement of every template in the system without the worry of things not all lining up correctly.  Plus, the attachable handles provide a much safer way to rout the body on a router table...keeping your fingers away from the blades.

The Skinny "T" set is designed to make that classic chambered body "T" style guitar.  This template set includes everything needed to produce the standard T/T pickup configuration, but the set also includes the ability to produce an H/H version.  With those pickup routing have the ability to get creative and do H/T, and T/H too!  That is four variations in one template set.  

In order to match the complexity of using the correct bridge for each pickup configuration, this set has marking points for three different bridges.  For "T" style bridge pickup con figurations, we have included the ability to mark for the vintage 3 hole mount Ashtray bridge plate and the modern 4 hole mount bridge plate.  In addition, for when using an H style bridge pickup, we have provided the option to use a standard hard tail bridge instead of an ashtray style bridge plate.

Also, two pickguard templates are included.  One for the "T" neck pickup and one for the "H" neck pickup.  The profile of each template is slightly different.  Use the the "T" template profile for any ashtray applications...and use the "H" template for any hard tail bridge install.

This is our most adaptable template set to date, with many variations and the precision that you have come to expect from Maximum Guitar Works.

 Our templates are painstakingly engineered to provide the most accuracy available.  The templates are made with the best materials available to give you a tool to last for many years.  


Templates are all made to order...please allow about 7 days to ship.

Custom requests are available, contact the seller for more information.


Features include:

Precision specifications
High quality 1/4" cast acrylic
Hardened steel drilling bushings
Safety grips and threaded attachment points on body rout template
Many optional complimentary templates available


Complete YouTube video series on the proper use and template maintenance is available BELOW...


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Malcolm Pearson
Perfect Templates

These are the best Templates that I have found. They are so well thought out. You can use the template and remove it for whatever reason and when you are ready to go back to work on it you use the locating pins and you are lined up perfect. I recommend these template you will be happy and amazed at how easy they are to use.

Brad Miller
Great service

Steve put together a custom thin line set for me. He did custom bridge set up and every option you could imagine. Everything worked perfect

Justin Johnson

Great quality and fast service. I couldn’t be happier.

Michael Hyde
Great product & great customer service

Every aspect of this Template system has been thought out, safety, workflow, precision and quality. I sent MGW a request for a Thinline T chambering template and MGW made it happen. Very satisfied.