The “Adventurer” -MGW Acrylic Template System x4

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MGW “Adventurer” Template Set - Safe Precision Routing


These are not just your average guitar making templates.  This is a Patent Pending template system that was designed to be durable, precise, and safer than other templates.  In fact, these are a totally new system.  These templates use alignment pins to ensure the exact placement of every template in the system without the worry of things not all lining up correctly.  Plus, the attachable handles provide a much safer way to rout the body on a router table...keeping your fingers away from danger.

 Our templates are painstakingly engineered to provide the most accuracy available.  The templates are made with the best materials available to give you a tool to last for many years.  

 Included In Set:

  • Body Template With Hold Down Paddles
  • Kit is Designed: Nashville TOM, Hipshot TOM & Schaller Signum 
  • Rear Cavity Template 
  • Neck Pocket Template- Narrow Cut or Full Square Neck Tenon 
  • 24.75” Scale Hockey Stick Neck Template 
  • Truss Rod Cover Template 
  • 22 Fret Fretboard Template 
  • Pickgaurd Template

Every Template Is Available Individually

Templates are all made to order...please check the front page for lead times.

Custom requests are welcome, just let us know what you are looking for!


Features include:

Precision specifications

High quality 1/4" cast acrylic
Hardened steel drilling bushings
Safety grips and threaded attachment points on body rout template
Many optional complimentary templates available


IComplete YouTube video series on the proper use and template maintenance is available BELOW...


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Paul McNary
The “Adventurer” -MGW Acrylic Template System x4

Another AMAZING template set from Steve !!!!