The Guitar Builders Custom Neck System x6

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Customer Reviews

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Lee Maddox
Work of Art

The neck I received was absolutely fantastic. Truly beautiful. Look forward to getting it finished and in action.

Mark Kang
Really great system (if you know what you're doing)

I love the amount of features and options that are available. I never thought I could go as far as to order options like carbon fiber reinforced inserts or a spoke wheel heel adjustment for the truss rod. One suggestion I would make to maximum guitar works is the ability for consumer to purchase pre-radius'd fret wire. I ended up buying a fret wire bender which I'm glad I have it, but if I'm honest I don't know how many times I would actually use it. I build guitars for fun not to sell or make money, so sometimes it's hard to have to buy specialty tools that only does one thing. Overall it's a phenomenal system for a very reasonable price.

Tanner Streety
Great service and product!

Always a pleasure to work with these guys. Quality is second to none!

Brooks Harper
Fantastic neck!!

Steve was so helpful during the process and I'm very happy with the neck. I'm a novice builder and his experience, insight and tips were appreciated.

Todd W.
Outstanding value for the high-level of quality

The neck came earlier than expected and exceeded expectations. I’ll be ordering more in the future.