The True & Holy Scarf Joint Jig and Big Foot Router Base

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Finally, Scarf Joints Are Easy!

The MGW True & Holy Scarf Joint Jig and Universal Oversized Router Base

Lets be real, we have all suffered the wrath of the dreaded scarf joint. Yes, some have mastered it, but most have mastered making kindling learning to do a proper scarf joint. Not anymore! Thank to the Mad Scientist we all have an easy and affordable jig to make perfect scarf joint, without all the stress, swearing and firewood. Thanks to the perfectly angled ramps (available as 7°, 10°, and 13°), clamping action of the jig and the real secret sauce-the universal oversized router base-scarf joints are easy peezy with a few simple steps.


1) A router with Big Foot compatibility.

2) 1” guide bushing.

3) A 3/4” flat bottom router bit. 

4) A flat sanding block.

The rest is easy, just follow the directions on the jig.

  • Draw cut angle line on side of neck blank. Cut on the line (bandsaw or handsaw are most commonly used).

  • Stack main neck and headstock section on top of each other, angle surfaces lined up, and double stick tape together.

  • Position the neck stack in the jig at the appropriate location to get a flat, fully tapered surface.  We recommend using double stick tape here too.

  • Compress and tighten the adjustable side. Add 80 grit stick-on paper to lower sides for extra grip, if needed.

  • Use 1" bushing guide and a 3/4" flat end bit, and make 50% overlapping passes until the surface is flat.

  • Lightly sand the tool marks out with a flat sanding block and 120 grit paper. DO NOT OVER SANDI

  • Glue up as usual.

    Big Foot Universal router base. 13” sq x 3/8” Thick

    - uses standard Porter Cable bushing guides.
    - biggest oversized base available (170 square inches)
    -3/8” thick acrylic for the best stability

    The Big Foot is a great add-on for the MGW Neck Plate recess templates and some of the wider control cavity routing!

    The base fits many of the routers from the following manufacturers, and probably more. 

    Porter Cable , Libby, Bosch, Makita, Sears, Fein, Milwaukee, Freud, Hitachi

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    David Rhoads

    Extremely well thought out . Works great

    adam auz
    True and holy scarf joint jig is a winner

    This jig is great and 100% does what it says it does.
    Really good quality.
    Fast shipping considering i live in Australia and it arrived within 1 week from ordering.
    Communication and response to my email was quick and polite.
    Really wish there was a way to get the shipping costs down a little bit but appreciate im a long way away from Colorado.
    100% recommend maximum guitar works !!!!

    In the end, I'm glad I got it.

    Was this my best experience ever?... Not even close. Round 1, one thing after another went wrong (I don't think these issues are common, I just had some bad luck). Round 2, much better, but still think the final fit and finish could have been a little better. Also make sure you read lead times on the home page. I had no idea these were build to order. Between that and the issues, I'm over a month in. I also spent about 3 hours fine tuning my final product. (Maybe it would have worked, but I wasn't comfortable using it the way it was).

    Enough of the bad... These guys took a simple concept and engineered it beyond perfection. They made a router base (which fits my DeWalt btw) to go with it, and made a demo video. Not to mention they laser etched instructions on the side. Hats off for all of that. When it was all said and done, it took only a few minutes to make a flawless, and I mean FLAWLESS scarf joint. The frustration will pay off, because now I can build necks precisely will very little effort. Also, these guys stand behind their products.

    Mike Yontz

    I like the way everything is laid out for me right on the template. This will allow me to be able to guitar today and Not rely on my memory if I choose to build another next year.

    Charles A.
    Best investment

    I can’t tell you how great this tool is! It works right out of the box! It makes this job easier than hand planing. Just like the video says, a little bit of sanding will make the surfaces perfect! I highly recommend buying this tool.